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Armed/Unarmed Security

Our Uniformed Security Guard Division was developed to address your specific security needs. They are available 24 hours per day.

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Private Security

If you’re a VIP, executive, celebrity or just looking for personal protection and are looking to hire a bodyguard. All Star Security Services offers the expertise you can trust.

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Residential Security

One important key factor for home buyers or renters is residential property security and safety. Get peace of mind with our security professionals. 

Protection of objects

Physical protection of objects or property by patrol service to prevent from thefts, damages, misusage of the client’s property.

Loss Prevention

As the needs for asset control and retail loss prevention services continues to grow in the US.

Defense training

As a general Public, you may encounter a situation when you need to defend yourself

Threat Protection

As a general Public, you may encounter a situation when you need to defend yourself.

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Constructing a best-in-class Security Service

Whether your company requires short-term coverage or long-term dedicated staffing for your building, event, or facility, All Star Security Services has the experience and versatility to cover all of your security needs.

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  • Globally Secured Clients
  • Site wide revolutionize global sources through

All-in-One Security Solution
for Your Business

All Star Security Services  specializes in premier site and event security. We can provide this service for many industries and applications. We can guarantee that a uniformed guard will be available 24 hours a day, whether the guard is armed or unarmed.

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  • Advanced Technology
  • 24/7 Support 

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